The Point is the Jewel of Jaco

the-point-beach-bar-grillIf you have the good fortune of being in Costa Rica and you find your way to Jaco; you need to check out The Point.  The Point is a super friendly and fun beach bar that sits right on the beach in Jaco.  A young couple runs the bar/restaurant with the help of a staff that goes out of their way to give you solid helping of Costa Rican hospitality.

The drinks are cheap if you are in to the local beer (Imperial) and the ladies love the house specialties like the key lime margarita.

Sports nuts will dig the two flat screens which are positioned at the bar and the Sky cable package brings you events from all over the world.  This past week we visited three times and we saw soccer, racing and baseball (so there is something for everyone). Continue reading

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NFL craziness is part of The Sports Station charm

Montrealers love the NFL and Montreal who love the NFL love The Sports Station. I was there this past Sunday and Monday checking out my favorite teams.  The Sports Station has outlets all over the Montreal region but I prefer the one right downtown on St-Catherine Street.

It is centrally located and very close to the Atwater metro station.

The seating at this location is ample and there is wall to wall televisions which is key to sports nuts looking to watch the big game.  You can see different games on different sets without having your field of vision blocked by other patrons.  The Sports Station has been well designed and it can accommodate large crowds without customers feeling ill at ease. Continue reading

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How do I get publicity for my sports bar?

Owning a sports bar is a tough business these days.  Prices keep rising and margins keep shrinking.  The playing field is full of fly by night operators and it is important that you rise above the crowd and attract hard-core fans of all the major sports.  The days of having the regulars carry the day are done and gone.  You need fans who love rugby, football, baseball, hockey and everything else.  Our website is here to help you.  We are setting out to create the destination website on Google for sports fans looking for the perfect sports bars. Continue reading

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Fiddlers Green The Irish Gem of Bishop Street

Montreal is the other city that never sleeps. There is always something going on and there is always a place to go. There are tons of bars where you can enjoy a good pint and catch your favourite game. Last week, I discovered an Irish Gem on Bishop Street (in downtown Montreal) called Fiddlers Green. The atmosphere at Fiddlers is very warm and friendly. The staff was originally from Ireland which is super cool. It gives the pub legitimacy and style.

Continue reading

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One Awesome Football Season – Two Awesome Places to Eat.

Okay, so you are in the sweet and sticky state of Atlanta, Georgia (or you may have some friends and/or family visiting from out of town) and it’s football season.  You and your crew are dying to have a great meal AND a good time.  You and your pack want to be rowdy as hell as well as be around other football fans…yet you can’t be that way at home (or you just don’t feel like cleaning up after them)…

Well, you are JUST IN LICK!   I have not one but TWO great places in mind for you and your crew to kick back,  relax, and have an AWESOME time!

Our first place is called Dantanna’s Bar and Grill.  They have two incredible locations: one in the famous CNN Center (which is in the Downtown Atlanta area) and the other is in the fantastic Buckhead area.   Continue reading

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Legends’ Bar – Costa Blanca, Spain

It was during a 12 month sabbatical in Spain that Legends bar, with its huge outdoor terrace to soak up the radiant summer sunshine was introduced to me. During the day, set in a quite popular outlet of the Playa Flamenca area of Costa Blanca, this bar serves a mean breakfast and €1 bottles of thirst quenching San Miguel to wash it down with, but it is only when dusk descends, does Legends Bar come to life.

This self professed sports Mecca pays homage to a number of true sporting greats.

From Mohammed Ali, to Jack Nicklaus, pictures and signed autographs adorn the walls, which are also plastered with 9 or 10 wide screen HD TVs. With it not being the largest bar in the world, some may say that the number of monitors is a little excessive, but it provides a sterling view from all conceivable angles, so nobody misses a minute of action. Continue reading

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The Loose Moose in Downtown Toronto

It’s the best place to enjoy a Maple Leafs game (excluding Rogers Arena of course), but you’ll have to show up at least 30 minutes before puck drop to get a table.  Downtown Toronto is always hopping when the Leafs are playing at home, and it’s a great experience to watch hockey in the centre of such excitement.

However, even if you’re not into hockey, a wall of televisions behind the bar displays a wide variety of sports throughout the night. Continue reading

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Cheap Beer Is Not Necessarily BAD Beer.

Quit being a beer snob, you’re making a fool of yourself.  Sure, there are many great and extremely tasty craft beers available to the beer drinker today, however, that doesn’t make them necessarily any better than traditional macro-brewed beers.  It makes them different.  Like a treat.

Here’s where the idea of being better than someone else comes into play.  How many of you started out drinking IPA or Summer Wheat beers?  Show of hands, and be HONEST.  Maybe a couple have, but for the most part, we were all reared on the “whatever beer we could get our hands on” method of drinking.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.  You quickly learn the difference between something that’s pleasing to the palette and something that’s better suited to stripping rust off of the chrome bumper on your Grandmother’s 1968 LeSabre.

I am an avid supporter of Miller Lite beer.  Yes, it’s cheap beer.

Yes, it’s not the most robust beer in terms of flavor.  I’ll agree there are some that simply taste better.  But it’s not always about having a taste-tastic experience.  It’s about finding something that you both enjoy the taste of and can afford on a regular basis.  Typically, a craft brew costs nearly $10 per six pack.  Continue reading

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Getrealhammered is looking for partners and beer company sponsors

Our team is organizing a big event around the launch of a (app and website) based on it being part of the Getreal family of sites and it having the Getreal attitude.

You can get a feel of the Getreal attitude by clicking on this link and listening to our theme song. will be supported by online advertising and it will be profiled on all Getreal sites.

We are developing an app for the website and we are planning a North American and European tour of sports bars. Continue reading

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San Diego Sports Bars…I can’t choose just one!

When it comes to sports bar options, San Diego locals definitely have numbers on their side. One day in the Gaslamp and it’s obvious to even the most picky of bar hoppers that the choices are, well, somewhat overwhelming! And because of this, this sports bar lover couldn’t bare just mention one – she’s going to mention three!

For this blog, I decided to conduct a little sports-bar-crawl experiment, much to the delight of my boyfriend! A warm Sunday afternoon greeted us as we arrived in the heart of San Diego, with the Padres’ Petco Park looking down on us from afar (unfortunately the Padres weren’t playing that day or else we would have incorporated ‘baseball beer’ into the mix). Continue reading

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